Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) & Computer Assisted Teaching (CAT)

Editor: Carsten Lange

CAL/CAT is a portal that provides computer simulations to economics students and instructors. The simulations assist students to learn and instructors to teach economics. 

Select a field in the menu panel to the left in order to display available simulations. Note that the field "Study Tools" provides general tools that help students to study. These tools might not be related to economics.

Users can also select a level of advancement to see which simulations are available for each of the levels. Please choose one of the items in the "Levels of Study" menu.

Authors of Computer Assisted Learning or Computer Assisted Teaching applications are very welcome to submit a description of their application(s) and a link to where the application is stored. CAL/CAT is open for any author to submit economic computer simulations. All simulations are reviewed by the editor or by peers. Please read the "How to Contribute" section (see tab in main top menu) carefully before submitting your content.