How to Contribute to CAL/CAT

Contributions from authors of economics simulation for CAL/CAT are very welcome. New authors must first register in order to be able to submit short articles about their simulation. Although, the "Author Login" menu in the left menu panel has a "Register" link, authors are registered manually. Please send a brief emiail to and I will help you with the registration.

The information provided during registration will only be visible to the editor of the site and will not be shared with third parties. Only the author's name will be displayed together with the description of each submitted simulation.

To submit (the description of) a simulation, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Use the Author menu in the lower part of the left panel to login with your user name and password.
  2. In the Author menu click on "Submit Simulation" and fill out the provided form.
    • In the first text box area provide an abstract about your simulation. Start with a brief introduction (1-3 sentences) and then click the "Read More" button located on the bottom of the text area (a red dotted line will be added. Then finish writing the abstract. The 1-3 sentences above the red line will be visible when users search for simulations. After they click "Read More" the remainder of the abstract will be visible.
    • Please use the text box"Link to Simulation" to provide the URL where your simulation is located. Start the URL with http://  
    • In the drop down menu titled "Type of Simulation" choose how your simulation is provided to the user.  
    • Please use the text box"How to Use the Simulation" to provide the URL where a user's manual for your simulation can be found. Start the URL with http://
      The user's manual can be in PDF or in HTML format.
    • Please use the text box"Economic Background for the Simulation" to provide the user with an URL where s/he can find a short paper about the economic theory that its related to the simulation and how this theory is integrated into the simulation. Start the URL with http://
      The short paper can be in Pdf or Html format.
      Although writing up the economics background will take a little time, it is most valuable to a user because the ultimate goal of a simulation is to make economic theory more accessible to students.
    • In the optional text box area titled "About the Author of the Simulation" you can provide some information about including affiliation, home page, and e-mail. The information provided here will be visible to users.
    • In the area titled "Publishing" choose a category that best describes your simulation and leave all other fields unchanged.
    • In the text area titled Keywords, you can provide keywords that best describe your simulation separated by comma(s). One, more, or all of the keywords
       must be provided to identify for which study levels your application is suited. If not provided, users will not be able to search for the simulation when using the study level search.
    • Click on the "Save"  button to submit your application. It usually takes 1-3 days to approve a simulation and you will be notified by email.

Here you can download a PDF file that contains a sample for the submit form, a screen shot showing how the simulation is displayed within search results and how it is displayed when it was selected by the user.

We are very much looking forward to your contribution!