Simulations Related to International Problems:

Ricardo Model

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This simulation of the Ricardo Model allows the user in a 2-goods diagram to choose between Autarky and Trade modes. Indifference curves indicate the welfare depending on the production and trade combination chosen.

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Linear Production Posibilty Curve

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The simulations allows students and instructors to change the production of two goods along a linear production possibility curve. The simulation shows a diagram as well as original and changed production levels. Users can change opportunity cost as well as the level of production.

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International Trade Line

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The International Trade Line simulation allows students to simulate international trade and shows imports and exports for different prices. It focuses on international trade only. Production is exogenous and indifferent curves are not considered.  

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Heckscher/Ohlin Model

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For a country that is exposed to the international market the user can choose different production and consumption points for two goods (cheese and wine) to optimize utility. Results are displayed in a diagram. 

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